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LBW is a week-long event which takes place in a different European country each summer, drawing together Open Source software enthusiasts from more than a dozen different countries, for a combination of talks, presentations, hands-on mini-projects, outdoor exercise, and good food and drink.


This site is about proposed location for 2018. Location is Jedovnice, Moravia, Czech Republic. Jedovnice is a small town in the Moravian Karst - beatiful landscape full of caves. The proposed term is August 25th - September 2nd. This term is based on hall availability. Weather at the end of August is good - not so hot and rainy as in July, and still quite warm. This years temperatures were 20-30 °C max, and 10-20 °C min, with only one day of rain. More details on further pages.


If you plan to come, please register here:


Organizers are: Vladki, Stano, So┼ła.

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