How to get to Jedovnice.

By airplane

The nearest airport is just 4 km from Jedovnice. But it has only 600m long grass runway. Although I do not expect anyone landing there, here is the link:

The nearest international airport is in Brno. It is really a small one, smaller than IOM. However that means that you do not have to spend few hours fighting your way through the shopping mall between check-in and the gate. Regular flights only to: London (Stanstead and Luton), München and Eindhoven. The Motorbike Grand Prix in Brno will be on the beginning of August, so it should not be a problem to get a ticket.

If this limited offer does not suit you, fly to Vienna or Prague. Vienna is IMHO much better option - it offers more flights and has direct bus connection to Brno (2.5 hours). Traveling via Prague involves getting to the city center and transferring to another bus or train (4 hours total). But once you are there you may have a look around Prague as well.

By bus

Good and comfortable service to both airports (Vienna and Prague), as well as many European cities is provided by company RegioJet (Student Agency). On-line reservation and purchase of tickets (together with timetables) is here:   There is also new competition in international bus transport:

Long distance buses stop in Brno. See below for transport from Brno to Jedovnice

By train

Nearest railway station to Jedovnice is Blansko. Some fast trains from Prague to Brno call at Blansko, but the international trains (EuroCity, RailJet) do not. Use the regional bus 231 or 167 from Blansko to Jedovnice.

Brno has direct train connections to Prague - Dresden - Berlin - Hamburg; Vienna - Graz; Bratislava - Budapest. Unfortunately the trains from Brno to Vienna and Graz do not call at Vienna Airport.

If you are a railway fan, then definitely go for a train ride from Brno to Blansko. It twists along narrow valley and passes through 8 tunnels (opened in 1849).

The private bus operator RegioJet has recently entered the railway market as well and offers connections Prague - Brno - Vienna (airport). Be careful when searching for your train and buying tickets - you have to buy them at different cash desk than for the state railways (České dráhy). Their trains call at Brno-Židenice, where you can transfer to local bus 201 to Jedovnice. Also beware that there are trains branded "RailJet" operated by state railways on the same line (Prague - Brno - Vienna - Graz).

Regional transport

South Moravian region has a really good regional transport. The same ticket can be used for buses, local trains and city transport in Brno. You can buy tickets in vending machines (cash and sometimes contactless cards), newsstands, railway station, bus drivers (more expensive). Buses to Brno Airport (E76) have vending machines for contactless payments on-board, and accept payment in EUR as well.

There are two options how to get to Jedovnice. One option is to take tram 2 to Stará Osada, and then bus 201 to Jedovnice. The other is to take train S2/R2 to Blansko and then bus 231 or 167 to Jedovnice. Both ways will take about an hour, and cost the same, you'll need a 5 zone ticket if you start from the city centre (train or bus station). If you start from Brno airport, then you'll need 5 zone ticket to go by bus via Stará Osada, or 6 zone ticket if you want to go by train via Blansko.

Info about regional transport:

On-line timetables for trains and buses both local and international (it covers most of Europe):

By car

Hm, just use your favorite GPS navigation. Drive on right, speed limits are 50 km/h (in town) / 90 km/h (normal roads) / 130 km/h (motorways).

Keep the lights on all the time. Alcohol is not tolerated. To use a motorway, you need to buy a sticker (vignette).

By bike

South Moravia is really a beautiful country, especially if you like wine. The neighboring part of Austria is Weinviertel. Guess what they grow and drink there. A good trip may be from Vienna along the "Euro Velo 9", although it makes some detours along Austro-Moravian border, to show you the UNESCO sights (Lednice, Valtice). I tried to put it in maps, although the austrian part is not very precise:, and a shorter alternatives (without sightseeing and wine):,

Also you may consider getting some rest along the way in thermal baths at Pasohlávky or Laa an der Thaya. The distance from Vienna to Jedovnice is approximately 200 +/- 30 km (depends on how much sightseeing and detours you make). The Moravian part is mostly along a river, apart from the last 16 km from Adamov (route #5077 or #5119), where you have to climb 300 m up to the Moravian karst plateau.

Brno-Jedovnice is 36 km on bike, Blansko-Jedovnice 13 km.

And south Moravia does not offer only wine. Check this map of breweries - some of them are along the way:

By boat

Although the lake in Jedovnice seems like a good place for yachting, it is not possible to get there by boat. The stream from the lake is really small (even for kayak), and has a 4 km long underground section.

Other means

Just get to: 49°19'58" North and 16°45'46" East


  • odjezd, odlet = departure (ride, flight)
  • příjezd, přílet = arrival (ride, flight)
  • jízní řád = timetable
  • zpoždění = delay (if the delay is less than 5 minutes, nobody cares...)
  • benzín = gasoline
  • natrual = unleaded gasoline
  • nafta = diesel fuel
  • MHD = city public transport
  • IDS JMK = unified transport system of south Moravian region
  • jízdenka, lístek = travel ticket
  • letenka = flight ticket
  • šalina, šmirgl = tram (only in Brno)
  • tramvaj = tram (in other cities)
  • vlak = train
  • letadlo = airplane
  • letiště = airport
  • (hlavní) nádraží = (main) station
  • zastávka = stop


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