The hall is a former restaurant in the camp Olšovec. See #15 on the map below. It has one big room and one smaller, kitchen, bar and terrace with grill. Wireless internet connection is available in the whole camp, and there was a wired router/AP in the smaller room, so we could connect our equipment there. IIRC the connection was 20/20 Mbit/s. This hall is available only in the last week of August. (School holidays in CZ are July-August, so this is the last week of holidays.) If this term would not be acceptable for many people, we could use another room (also usually a catering room) in nearby building (16), but we did not like it that much.

Map of the camp


The main hall

Big hall as seen from the bar 

The big hall as seen from stage

The small room

The small room as seen from entrance

The small room from corner


Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3 Kitchen 4


 Bar 1 Bar 2


 Terrace with grill


 Hall from outside

Backup hall

(for other term than last week of august)

 Backup hall

Backup backup hall

The camp on the other side of the lake (Tyršova osada) can be used as plan B or C - it has a hall and internet, but the place and staff did not impress me too much.

 Backup backup hall





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