There is a nice camp in Jedovnice: Unfortunately their new website is not translated to English, but you can send them email to [email protected] and ask questions directly.

It offers accommodation not only in your tent or caravan, but also a range of cabins and bungalows. Some bungalows have their own kitchen, shower and WC, some don't. Shared facilities (WC, showers, kitchen, laundry) are in the central building. There are also hostel-like rooms in the central building (with shared facilities on the same floor). The hall is within the camp, camp is open for other people to enter. There are several pubs, and restaurants (fast-food, pizza, grill) just in front of the camp. We could easily all fit there, but there are other options as well.

Important: there is a water-scooter race on 24th - 26th august. Most of the bungalows and better cabins are pre-booked for the participants of the race. I also expect it to be quite noisy. So I advise you to arrive on Sunday. If you can/want to arrive earlier - I recommend spending Saturday night in Brno. I will be preparing the hall on Saturday afternoon, and probably get some of the cheaper accomodation options for Saturday night.

There is another campsite on the opposite side of lake:

It offers accommodation in cabins with shared facilities outside.


There are two hotels on the opposite side of the lake. The lake circumference is 4.5 km, and the hotels are almost exactly opposite the campsite. So whichever way around you go - it will be a bit over 2 km.

Hotel Terasa **** (luxurious), rebranded to Hotel Kras. Their webpage is not created yet, (, but they are on

Hotel Riviera *** (cheap):

Hotel Rado in the center of town is closed


One of probable PotD - The Surfbar - offers accommodation (again on the other side of lake, and without wi-fi):

There are even more options. The town's web site has a list, but some contacts are out of date:

Good way to search is to zoom in the map and click on symbols of bed:

Some of the accommodation can be found also via google maps, but seems to have more of them.

Some contacts I have seen during my visit, or picked from the maps, but not checked with them about any details:

Unfortunately not all pages are available in English. Also some of those that are in English may have incomplete information, so check the Czech page as well. I make no guarantee that the owners or staff are able to communicate in English. Confirmed only in camp Olšovec (they had a mystery shopping in English performed by Czech Trade Inspection Authority and claim that everything was OK).

Short vocabulary:

  • Ceník = price-list
  • Objednávka, rezervace = booking
  • Penzion = bed & breakfast
  • Ubytování = accommodation
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