Proposed location is Jedovnice (J is pronounced as Y in yes), Moravia, Czech Republic.


Jedovnice is a small town (2700 inhabitants), 25 km north of Brno - the largest city of Moravia. Jedovnice is situated at the edge of Moravian Karst - a protected area full of caves - so there is a lot of opportunities for hiking, and excursions to interesting places. The area is hilly, suitable for both walking and biking. There are enough pubs and restaurants to have every PotD in a different  place and taste a different beer. The local camp Olšovec has a nice hall, available in the last week of august (Aug 25th -Sep 2nd). The town has all necessary infrastructure - in addition to pubs, restaurants, hotels, B&B, also supermarket, pharmacy, gas station, ATM, church, cinema, etc...

More info about town Jedovnice: http://jedovnice.cz/en

More info about the campsite: http://www.olsovec.cz/

Other accomodation in Jedovnice: http://jedovnice.cz/en/accommodation

Moravian Karst: http://www.moravskykras.net/en/moravian-karst.html


Most of you will probably travel via Brno - the unofficial capital of Moravia. If you have enough time, plan your trip so that you can spend some time in Brno, either on arrival or departure. Alternatively we may visit Brno during the week. Brno will be quite busy at the beginning of LBW, because a Motorbike Grand Prix takes place near Brno. So it may be better to make a visit at the end of LBW or during the week, it is only about an hour by bus. Moto GP will be three weeks earlier (Aug 3rd-5th), so no worries.

Brno has 7 micro-breweries and 1 macro-brewery. Most of them have their own pub. There are also several special beer tasting pubs that have about 8 beers (mostly from micro-breweries) on the tap, and change them frequently. But you can get also excellent wine, coffee and tea in Brno, as well as great food of almost any art - traditional Moravian cuisine, steaks, hamburgers, Italian pizza & pasta, Japanese (sushi), Chinese, Indian, Greek, Russian, Turkish (kebab),...

Brno is more than 800 years old city, and you can see all its history in one place: from medieval castle to modern architecture and very funny sculptures on the street. More useful and funny info and a geeky map is here: http://www.brno.use-it.travel/

A mini-LBW may be even better option for visiting Brno. If there is enough interest I would propose the beginning of June, because of an international fireworks competition http://www.ignisbrunensis.cz/. That is a spectacular event when fireworks are fired from a pontoon in the center of water dam. Approximately 100 000 spectators are all around the shore, and local radio station is broadcasting music accompanying the fireworks. With such a number of spectators it is also a big logistic challenge.


Moravia is the eastern part of Czech Republic. Throughout the history it used to have varying degree of autonomy, but always was tightly bound to the Kingdom of Bohemia. The rulers of Moravia were often younger members of the Bohemian (Czech) royal family (sons, brothers or cousins of the king). Later the Czech kings were personally also the rulers of Moravia. Unfortunately since 1949 the administrative division of Czech Republic does not follow the historical border between Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

It is on the intersection of beer, wine and vodka belt. In the south there is a lot of vineyards, that produce very good wine - worth tasting. Moravia is also famous for its fruit brandy - Slivovice. And in the last few year there was a boom of microbreweries, forcing the big ones to improve as well. If you travel by car, or by bike, check this map of breweries and plan your trip with that in mind: http://www.pividky.cz/mapa.php?lang=en


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