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There is a lot of pubs and restaurants in Jedovnice. I was pleased to find out that they have different beers on the tap. I have talked to the owners of some of them about possibility of PotD. Some of them asked to arrange a special menu with advance orders for PotD, some were willing to let you order a-la carte.

Have enough cash for your dinner, most of the restaurants do NOT accept cards. ATM is in the center of the town. Approximate price for a dinner is around 200 CZK.

Beer in pub is around 30-40 CZK. The standard size is 0.5 l, small beer is 0.3 l. Do not be surprised that the beer is 10% or 12%, these percents are not alcohol but ... (uhmm, just google it, ok?) Sometimes it is written as degrees (10° or 12°). Alcohol is usually 2.5x less than that. (10° ~ 4%). Beers below 10° are very rare, and anything over 13° is considered special (strong) beer. Beers are mostly lager type, but recently some breweries started to brew ales. However the pubs in Jedovnice seem to keep only the traditional brews...


Big restaurant with reputation for excellent food, located in the center of Jedovnice. Offers wide variety of food: traditional Moravian dishes, steaks, pizza, whatever... We can have a separate room for cca 40 people, orders a-la carte. Very busy on fridays and weekends, so this would be a PotD between Mo-Thu. Beer: Starobrno (Heineken owned brewery in Brno). Printed menu is available in English and German, web page only in Czech:


NIce restaurant at the shore of the lake. Possibility to sit outside. Steaks, burgers, pasta, smoked sausages (in their own smokehouse on the place). They have smaller kitchen so they asked for advance orders, with the possibility to prepare any food even if it is not on the usual menu - e.g. Svíčková (cooked beef with dumplings and tradtional creamy sauce). Beer: Pilsner Urquell (yes this is the first Pils of the world). English menu available printed and also on the web page:


Small and cozy restaurant on the opposite side of lake. We'll probably occupy it completely. Possibility to sit outside. Modern, quality and fresh cuisine prepared with love. Definitely not traditional. Again we should order in advance. Here is the possibility to get some really good dinner also for vegetarians. Beer: Poutník (not pasteurised beer from medium sized brewery in Pelhřimov). English menu available, czech web page:


Restaurant near the campsite. Steaks, pasta, fish. Beer: Pilsner Urquell, Radegast. No pre-orders required. Probably the only one where you can pay by card. No web page.

U Hastrmana

Another restaurant on the shore. Good food. Beer: Staropramen, Slavkov. I have not spoken to the owner. No web page.


There are several pubs directly at the campsite. Pizza u šedého Vlka (beer Primátor), Yacht pub (beer Svijany, Poutník), Bike rental with pub (grill, Pilsner Urquell), another no-name pub (beer: Rohozec) and fast-food kiosk (beer: Rychtář). These probably won't be useful as PotD. The food offer and staff is limited, but we could gather in some of them for another beer after the dinner, pot-luck, or quiz night.

Hotel Terasa

This hotel has its own small restaurant, but required advance reservation of the whole place 2 months in advance. Not going to be PotD. Beer: Bernard.


There are few other pubs in the center, but did not seem to me as a good place for PotD. Also a few kiosks on the opposite side of lake. If you fancy something sweet there is a confectionery in the center, where you can get cakes and coffee. There are several shops where you can buy food - all on the main street.

There used to be a special beer shop, but it was replaced by something else. I'll arrange a few kegs of some nice brews to have in the hall from this shop: I'm open to suggestions what to order, so if you know some brand you want to taste - tell me.

South Moravia is a wine growing region, so I recommend trying some local wine as well. The restaurants should have some in their offer. Moravia is also famous for its fruit brandies, especially plum brandy: Slivovice. Do not miss a chance to try it. I'll bring a bottle as a prize for the quiz winners.

If you are a vegetarian, you may find out that the meat-free offer in pubs is limited to fried cheese with chips... Its fine to have some, but probably not every day. The situation is slowly improving though.

In general, prepare for this:


  • jídelní lístek = menu (meals)
  • nápojový lístek = drink menu
  • pivo = beer
  • víno = wine
  • lihoviny = spirits
  • maso (vepřové, hovězí) = meat (pork, beef)
  • bezmasé jídlo = vegetarian (meat-free) meal
  • Tatarák = steak Tartare (raw beef)
  • Tatarka = Tartare sauce (mayonnaise based)
  • desítka = 10° beer
  • dvanáctka = 12° beer
  • světlé = light, pale
  • tmavé, černé = dark, black
  • ležák = lager (12°)
  • řezané, řezák = mix of pale and dark beer
  • kvasnicové = non-filtered (kvasnice = yeast)
  • nealko = non-alcoholic (either beer or lemonade, depends on context)
  • birell, pito = brands of non-alcoholic beer
  • kofola = czechoslovak cola


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